Exchange economy for small businesses

    I exchanged some products for some wonderful photos

    A big thank you to Sarah from Sunsara Jewellery for taking hundreds of beautiful photos of Azur products 💙

    Sarah is a fellow small Aussie business owner I connected with via Instagram. She sells beautiful unique moonstone jewellery. I won some of her gorgeous moonstone earrings in a competition.

    A few weeks ago I asked Sarah if she has a photographer take her styled product pics, or if she takes them herself, as I always love her beautiful subtle product photography…anyway we ended up doing a little exchange where I sent her some Azur products and she took loads of amazing dreamy photos of them which I’ll use here and on the website.

    Just looking through the photos is uplifting as I can see the love that went into them. Sarah told me she’s admired my brand and products for a while, and her appreciation really shows in the thoughtfully styled photos.

    I feel it would have been hard to capture the same personality and authenticity in commercial photos. Although I do intend to have some professional shots done at some stage soon.

    I love natural shots like these because they show a realness that is unique to small businesses who do a lot of the work themselves. It sets us apart from the big brands who often have a more glossy commercial look. In the past I have strived to achieve that glossy perfected look… it’s a fine balance between authentic and professional.

    I’ve met so many special souls via Instagram whose kindness and talents shine through in their content, even though I’ve never met them in person.

    So thank you Sarah and everyone who follows and interacts on this journey. Shout-out to other solo entrepreneurs doing soulful work and supporting each other.

    I would definitely recommend skill-swapping and exchanges like this to other small and conscious business owners. Just be sure the vibe and mutual appreciation and understanding is there. I’ve been delighted to see an increase in the sharing economy, people helping each other out and supporting small businesses over this rollercoaster of a year.

    It’s really promising to see this shift towards sharing along with more support for small, eco-conscious and locally made products.✨💕🎁

    Anna 💙

    Founder, Azur

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