What’s better for killing viruses – hand wash or sanitiser?

We’ve been inundated with requests and searches for hand soap and sanitiser on our site since the outbreak of the coronavirus. So to help inform everyone we did some research into using hand sanitiser and hand soap to kill viruses, to help keep everyone informed, clean and safe!

Wash with soap over sanitiser when you can

In a nutshell, hand sanitiser is great when you’re on the go and can’t get to a sink, but thorough hand washing is far superior for cleaning and killing viruses. Washing with soap and water doesn’t dry out hands anywhere near as much as sanitiser does, due to the alcohol in sanitiser. Doctors prefer washing with soap so it’s preferable when you have the option; the rest of the time, use hand sanitiser, and don’t forget to sanitise your phone and anything you’ve touched with unclean hands.

Use hand sanitiser when on the go

Hand sanitiser is important for times you’re out and about in the current situation with coronavirus, such as at the supermarket. Hand sanitisers with high alcohol content (60% to 80%) will dissolve viruses. Antibacterial properties will have no effect on viruses.

Below is an overview of when to choose hand sanitiser, when to wash, and how to wash hands in the most effective way. We all think we know how to wash our hands, but it’s amazing to see videos showing how much can be missed without realising.

Why do doctors recommend washing with hand soap?

As explained by The World Economic Forum, washing your hands with soap is one of the simplest and most effective ways of killing off any viruses you may have come into contact with. This is because soap breaks down the fatty layer that coats coronavirus, essentially disintegrating it, so it can be washed away with water.

What’s the best hand-washing method?

To make sure viruses and dirt they stick to are thoroughly dissolved and washed away, ensure you wash for 20 seconds, thoroughly rubbing in between and the back of your hands. You might think you do this already, but the gif here shows how difficult it is to properly coat the hands by demonstrating with a black dye. You can see it takes a while to fully coat the hands all-over.

Aloe Vera Rich Skincare

What’s the best way to avoid hands drying out?

The formulation of the wash or soap you use makes all the difference. The reason hand sanitisers contain more than just alcohol is because alcohol alone is so drying – an emollient like aloe vera helps to prevent the hands drying out too fast. So look for hand wash and sanitiser that contains aloe vera, and avoid unnecessary chemicals.

Aloe vera is the best natural ingredient for hydration

All Azur products contain extremely high quantities of pure natural aloe-vera to hydrate the skin. No compromise. Our hand and body wash, hand sanitiser, and hand and body moisturisers all contain high quality, natural, gentle ingredients that are 80% organic.

Gentle natural hand sanitiser

Given the high customer demand for a safe effective yet gentle hand sanitiser, we’re working on a gentle natural hand sanitiser to keep you and your friends and family safe from bacteria and viruses you come into contact with, while protecting your hands from getting over-dried. It will be available soon, and you can register to be notified when it’s in stock.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.


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