Ready to send back empty bottles or jars?

We’ll arrange for your empty bottles and jars to be picked up for free using carbon-neutral delivery! They then get sanitised and re-used as part of our closed loop sustainable system.

Wait til you have four or more empties for pickup (the more the better). Only use this option if you are able to print the label the same day for pickup for following day.

Request pickup postage label

Send us an email with ‘Request Pickup Postage Label’ in the subject line to request a postage label to print. We’ll reply asking for confirmation of size etc, then your box of empties will then be picked up from you the following day! Make this request when you’re ready for the parcel to be picked up the following day (most people leave it outside their front door)

The process

  1. Check your printer is working and has ink
  2. Let us know when you’re ready to return empties by emailing us – click ‘Request Pickup Postage Label’ Email us with ‘Request Pickup Postage Label’ as the subject line, include your box dimensions, total box weight (if you don’t have kitchen scales tell us which empties you’re sending and how many, so we can calculate the weight) and the address you want it to be picked up with pickup instructions to knock or if it will be outside your door.
  3. We’ll email you a pdf postage label to print on A4 paper and stick on your box
  4. Put your empties and aluminium lids in the box and padding they arrived in, or another box with paper padding (keep your pumps)
  5. Leave your labelled box to be picked up the following day and returned to us! (if you’re home it can be picked up, or left outside your door, or with reception in your office or building)

*Note labels need to be used the same day as pickups are always set for the next day

Why keep the pumps?

We want to keep as little plastic in circulation as possible. The pumps and some jar lids are the only element of our packaging with some plastic components as well as metal. By keeping the pumps and returning empties it’s a closed loop, zero waste system. If needed you can clean pumps with a toothbrush in warm soapy water.

How the circular process works in pictures!

The circular refill process is explained step by step below.

How Refills Work

Ask your favourite store to stock us!

We’re working on getting refilling machines into Australian shops. If you can’t buy or refill your product in your favourite local shop, ask them to start stocking Azur products because you want to avoid single-use plastic and support sustainable business.